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I recently purchased 2 of your gogobabyz travelmates for a trip we took to San Diego from Chicago.  I have two sons, 3 years old and 9 months old.  We hemmed and hawed over whether or not to lug the car seats with us on the trip or to rent them from the car rental place.  I had seen your product in a few different catalogs and thought, why not give it a shot.  The cost of checking the car seats or renting them from Hertz for the week was pretty close to the cost of the actual travelmate plus I could use it over and over again so it would be less expensive in the long run.  I found the travelmate very easy to use (although I did struggle with unlatching it at the first couple of time but I got better at it).   I used them to tote both of them through the airport and then unlatched my 3 year olds car seat to put it on the plane and checked the other one at the gate.  During the trip it was a space saver because we didn't have to bring a stroller and when we went to the zoo and other places we just attached the car seats again and away we went!  I wanted to tell you how much I loved this product!  I got so many complements and inquiries from people throughout our trip that I wouldn't be surprised if you get a rush of orders coming in!!  Thank you so much for inventing such a great product!! 

Wendy Cimino
Chicago, IL

I researched this item for about 3 weeks before I purchased it. I was traveling to the Philppines from CT. Easy to hook up strap, and all the security checkpoints just hand scanned carseat and item. I used this exclusively for 11 days through 8 different malls and shopping centers in the Philippines even the Mall of Asia 3rd largest mall in the World. My 13 month old loved it, and it was very durable. I thought if I checked it at the gate it would break but it was fine. Traveled over 17,000 miles round trip. I never had to disconnect product from carseat even in the Van we used for our trip in the Philippines. This product really was all I needed all vacation. 5 STARS. I will use this again, and again.

Lawrence Washington
Chicopee, MA

We are currently in Kauai, Hawaii with our almost 4 month old. We traveled from Louisiana to Maui then to Kauai with our GoGoBabyz infant cruiser. We are stopped no fewer than 5-6 times each time we go out with the cruiser. We are starting to feel like celebrity with this \"stroller.\" With the number of people that have literally stopped us and inquired about the cruiser, we really feel like your marketing could be improved to sell more of these things. People are so interested and want to know where we got it. Thank you for this product. It is a life saver and we are so glad to have it.

Gwen Henry
Baton Rouge, LA

Thank you for your help today, the spare parts will be very helpful and get us ready for our next trip with our daughter this coming summer! We are VERY happy with your GoGo Kidz Travelmate and the Car Seat Protector Bag!!! Your company has created wonderful products that have met our needs and standards of quality and durability!

Loyal customers,
Fr. Simon and Stephanie Thoma

We recently traveled to Ireland and London with your gogo Kidz Travelmate. It is the best piece of baby equipment we brought with us. A number of people in the various airports we traveled through commented on what a great invention it was and wanted to know where we got it. We passed along info on it to everyone who asked. It is sure to be a worldwide hit. Thanks for creating such a super, easy to use product! We love the Travelmate!

Kate and Sean -SF, California

The customer service regarding my need for a particular part for my stroller has exceeded my expectations. I was immediately sent the part I needed no questions asked. This type of service is rarely experienced today. Thank you so much.
P.S. I am very happy with the stroller. I take it everywhere with ease.


I wanted to thank you so much for making two great products. I love the Urban Advantage, I use it all the time and truly enjoy it. I recently went to Costa Rica and the gogo kidz made it so much easier to travel with my daughter.

Thanks again.
-Yara Florida

My husband and I travel frequently for business and pleasure and we've been absolutely thrilled with our Travelmate. No more struggling through airports with a separate stroller and car seat! And using it has been a wonderful advertisement for your product. We're approached by at least 3 or 4 parents on every trip, asking about the Travelmate and where to find it.

We just got back to San Francisco from a long haul flight to the Turks & Caicos Islands and once again were approached by several parents (as well as a future grandparent) as we waited at the luggage carousel in Miami. Our 2 yr old was fast asleep in his car seat and we were relatively hands-free while they all dealt with strollers and car seats.

Thanks again for a wonderful product!

"I am a LOYAL and devoted owner of two gogo Kidz car seat attachments. I have 2 boys, 1 and 3. I live in New York City. I travel with my kids frequently sometimes with my husband sometimes on my own with the two kids. Your product has made it possible for me to handle the two boys and gear getting through security, down the aisle of the airplane and off the plane with ease on my own. Thank you very much. My husband and I are ALWAYS stopped and asked about the carrier when we're motoring around the airport. Every single parent (even the security agent) re: of the age of their kids always asks about it. People with older kids are bummed it wasn't around when their kids were young etc.
I tell ALL my patients about it!
Thanks for making such a great product."
-Holly Nath (Obstetrician)
New York, NY

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating the GoGo Kidz car seat attachment! I just used it for my 2-year-old on a flight from Minnesota to Alabama, and can't begin to tell you how much easier it made my trip. In the past, we've tried to lug the car seat on a little luggage trolley, or carry it, and it was so difficult to deal with that and a toddler. This device made everything so easy. I felt like an advertisement for your product - I must have had fifty people in Atlanta airport ask me how to get one. (Particularly when he as napping in it while we strolled through the airport!) I was only too happy to recommend it to all of them. You made my life a lot easier last week - thank you!"

"It came on Monday and is Perfect! I have already recommended your strollers to others with little ones. Thank you again for the superb service on this! I am very pleased with it and it is exactly what we had been searching for for over a year!"

"I took it out to the mall last week and LOVED how easy it was to turn around & maneuver into and out of elevators. We've also taken it around the neighborhood. Thanks again!"
-Andee, mom to Austin 1

"I now have it up and going and it is perfect for the city, easy to use and maneuver. I used it right away in the golden gate park and it handled great off road on the trials."
-Eleanor, mom to Quinn, 3-months

"Dear Kerry, I just wanted to let you know that I got the stroller and so far I'm very happy with it. It's very smooth and I like how narrow it is to get through tight spots. Thanks for everything!"

"The service was beyond exceptional and for a first time Mom who was not sure what to buy, the helpfulness of gogobabyz was a blessing. I wish every product I purchased for my daughter came with this level of service! Not to mention, the stroller is great."

"Thank you so much for your help and your unbelievably quick service! I received my gogo Kidz yesterday! Can't wait to use it! I think I already have another interested parent here who is ready to order one for her child. Can't imagine how many will be interested once they see it in action. Thank you again!"
Military Base, Japan

"First, I want to say that I love my Urban Advantage. It is the stroller I was looking for as I walk in Los Angeles with my daughter everyday. It is comfy for her, so easy to move around in stores and has tons of storage room! I get tons of compliments on the stroller each time I go out. Thanks."
-Rachel (mom of Gemma, 5 months)

"I don't know if you remember me but I'm one of the many moms you helped in an emergency to get me the gogo Kids for my car seat. I wanted to thank you for all of your help but also for your great invention! It made our travel so easy and our son is happy to relax in his car seat. I got a lot of stares and questions at the airport so hopefully you'll be getting even more orders!"
-Tina (June 2005)
New Jersey

"Please be informed that we have received Stroller. We had all reasons to celebrate this event: product is much better than we expected. Now everybody is happy: our grandson because he has much more room to sleep and relax in it, my wife who enjoys smooth and easy way to push/pull stroller uphill or downhill without extra force to be used. Thank you so much for delivering such wonderful product and kind service that made our life so happy.
We certainly don't mind if you use our comment on your web site. Hopefully it will not only assist your business development but also help people to select the best product on the market.
We sincerely wish you great success."
-Irina and Leonid (June 2005)

"Thanks for arranging to have this sent to us in time for our trip. The product is AMAZING! Last year, we took the same trip - half-way around the world with a 3 1/2 year old - 36 hours non-stop traveling time, 21 hours in the air, 3 airports on 3 different continents, 6 extremely large check-in bags plus 6 carry ons plus the Britax Marathon - and then we did the same thing coming back. The amount we walked within those airplane terminals added up to miles. Carting that big Marathon even with a car seat bag that only had a shoulder strap was a nightmare.
Go-Go Kidz made that same journey a breeze this year. And I mean a breeze. Granted he was 4 1/2 instead of 3 1/2 but it was so easy - We just strolled him in his car seat. There was so much less wear and tear on us physically, simply because not only did we not have to carry the car seat but with your wheels, we didn't have to carry him either. In fact, instead of making a car seat a pain to travel with, the wheels actually made it easier to travel with a car seat than without one all together because it provided a stroller for the airports and the car seat on the airplane made it easy for him comfortably to sleep over those very long distances (which is why even though he technically did not need a car seat on the airplane at 4 1/2, we chose to bring one anyway).
Thank you so much for such a great product!"
Philadelphia, PA