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8/18/2008 - New Toddler Adapter, finalist in JPMA innovation awards competition
8/15/2008 - The Infant Cruizer AT grows with your family
8/15/2008 - Newest version makes the gogo Kidz TravelmateĀ® even easier
8/15/2008 - First ever infant and toddler travel system
7/17/2008 - The Infant Cruizer AT wins prestigious Top Choice Award
5/13/2008 - Go-Go Kidz Travelmate. That thing has been a real life saver
5/2/2008 - Great gear when traveling with children
3/8/2008 - My favorite product for traveling with young twins is the GoGo Kidz Travelmate
3/3/2008 - This handy little travelmate
2/29/2008 - Airplanes & Car Seat Part III: Car Seat Carriers
2/28/2008 - One of my favorite kid items of all time
2/25/2008 - Go-Go Babyz makes traveling with toddlers a breeze
2/13/2008 - On The Road Again, Make Traveling Fun and Easy
2/7/2008 - This amazing 'board' on wheels will turn your clunky, awkward car seat into an exciting fun ride for your child
1/10/2008 - An invention that parents-on-the-go will love