With all the planning that is needed to make a trip less stressful for you, we decided to devote a page on our site to help you find the information you need. Below we have listed useful travel tips, direct from us (moms traveling with our kids). At the bottom of the page, you will find links to other useful travel information and travel advice.

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The gogo Kidz® Travelmate makes airport traveling a dream, and not just for your sleeping child.

Sandra, mother of a toddler and member of Go-Go Babyz®, shares her experience on a recent trip while using a gogo Kidz Travelmate.

"The gogo Kidz® Travelmate allows me to get through the airport with one less worry, one extra hand free and no need for a stroller! On my most recent trip with my rambunctious 2 year old, we were able to wheel our car seat all the way to the front of the plane. On our return flight, we were delayed on the runway for 2 hours with our toddler who didn't want to stay in his seat. Fortunately, after reaching altitude, he fell asleep in his car seat. Upon landing, he was still sleeping; I removed the airline seat belt, turned the car seat sideways and attached the gogo Kidz® Travelmate right there on the plane while everyone else was departing. My husband lifted the seat out on to the tarmac and then we wheeled him in his car seat all the way to the baggage claim. After waiting ½ hour for our bags, we piled in a taxi and arrived home with our son peacefully still sleeping in his car seat."

Helpful Traveling Tips when using a gogo Kidz® Travelmate:
  • Get to know your gogo Kidz® Travelmate; don't wait until the day you travel. Practice attaching it to your car seat. Once you have done it once or twice you will be a pro and will be able to easily attach or detach it in 30 seconds; even with your child sitting in it.
  • Going through security these days can be stressful and enduring, especially with baby in arms. With FAA and Airport regulations constantly changing, the airport security machines are too. As you near the x-ray machine, you will need to take your child out of the car seat, but leave the gogo Kidz® Travelmate attached, if it appears your seat will not fit through the machine, you may simply remove the quick release wheels for added space. If, after removing the wheels, your car seat will still not fit just ask one of the security personnel to hand wand your car seat with the gogo Kidz® Travelmate attached.
  • Getting to the gate, if you have purchased a seat on the airline you can wheel your car seat right on to the plane. Wheeling it to your assigned seat is determined by the width of your car seat and the width of the airline aisle. You will probably want to lift your car seat up when you get on the plane anyway to place it in your airline seat. Traveling alone with your little ones? Just ask a flight attendant to carry it to your seat for you. Checking your car seat at the gate, again you can wheel your car seat all the way there.
  • Your car seat might not fit down the aisle. If you will be using your car seat on the airplane, take your child out of the seat just prior to boarding. Wheel your car seat onto the plane and put the handle in the lowest position so at the last minute, you can pick up your car seat by the gogo Kidz Travelmate handle to carry down the aisle of the plane.
  • Carry On’s. Traveling with a car seat, child, toys, entertainment and other random necessities is difficult. Eliminate the stress by eliminating the number of carry on's! While the gogo Kidz® Travelmate can carry your car seat and your child, your diaper back pack can carry a few "new" toys, along with diapers, a change of clothes, DVD player and of course, a book for yourself. You can do all this and still have a hand free for holding on to your ID and boarding pass.
    • It is a great idea to travel with a back pack rather than a shoulder strap bag. The back pack will allow you to have both hands free: one for wheeling your car seat and the other for holding your boarding pass. (Baby Sherpa makes a great diaper back pack)
  • If you do not have a separate seat for your child on the airplane, take advantage of the easy ability to use your car seat as your stroller through the airport and gate check. This will allow you to safely and securely have your child ride through the airport and have your car seat for layovers, or simply at your final destination.
Remember, the taxi cab will most likely NOT have a car seat for the ride from the airport to your destination.
Want to find out the aisle width on the plane or info on your seat? Below is a link to a great site, full details of the good seats, width, etc. on your airline by type of plane.  

Below are other useful links we discovered for traveling families.  
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