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Travelmate Product Comparison

The Travelmate Product Family has grown and although they are all designed to transport your child in their car seat they are all different. The original Travelmate model QRKIDZ was designed to convert your car seat in to an airport stroller. Every Travelmate product serves that purpose but some can also be used as a compact stroller for vacations, quick trips to the store or other errands when you do not want to bring your bulky baby stroller. Below are some charts that will help you decide which Travelmate is best for your needs.

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Travelmate Product Comparison Chart

Product  Travelmate  Travelmate Mini  Deluxe Deluxe Cruizer  Luggage Strap 
Product Weight  5 lbs 5 lbs 3 lbs  12 lbs 13 lbs . .25 lbs 
Suggested Max Child weight 44 lbs 44 lbs 44 lbs 50 lbs 50 lbs  According to Car Seat 
Max weight Capacity
(child & car seat)
84 lbs 84 lbs 84 lbs 90 lbs  90 lbs  According to car seat 
Car Seat Support Base   7.5" NA 5.5" 18.5" 18.5" NA
Height (closed)  28" 28" 24"  12" 12"   1"
Length  17" 17" 15.5"  26" 26"  adjustable strap 
Width  8" 5" 3" 16.75" 21.5" .25"
Max Handle Height  50.5" 50.5" 42":  46" 46"  no handle 
Handle Positions  4 4 3 4 4 no handle
Front Wheels  no no no yes yes on your carry on bag
Rear Wheels  yes yes yes yes yes on your carry on bag
Rear Wheel Diameter  3" 5" 3" 6" 12" depends on carry on
Rear Wheel Width  1" 1" 3" 1.5" 3" depends on carry on
Infant Seat Compatible  no no no yes yes no
Toddler Seat Compatible  yes yes yes yes yes yes
Quick-release Strap  yes yes yes yes yes yes
Quick-release Wheels  yes yes no       yes yes no

QRKIDZ vs Mini Travelmate - Comparison Chart
The main difference between the Mini Travelmate and the original QRKIDZ Travelmate is that we eliminated the large plastic plate and changed the wheels to create a more compact & lightweight. The Mini Travelmate now has a smaller cross plate where the quick-release ratchet strap attaches, smaller diameter dual wheel system and a fold-down support bar. Both can also be uses as a travel stroller at your destination but is not intended to replace your everyday stroller.

Weight   5 lbs 5 lbs 3 lbs 
Wheel Diameter   3" 5" 3"
Wheel Width  1" 1" 3"
Max Handle Height  50.5" 50.5" 42" 
Wheelbase  17" 17" 13.5"
Support Bar/Plate  yes no yes
Quick-Release Strap   yes yes yes
Quick-Release Wheels  yes yes no
Box Dimensions  18x14x3 18x14x3  24x14x5
Assembly Required?  yes yes no 

Travelmate Model QRKIDZ Car Seat Compatibility
Mini Travelmate Car Seat Compatibility

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