Does the gogo Kidz fit through the security machine attached to car seat?

The size of the security machines vary from airport to airport. In some airports, the gogo Kidz® will fit through the scanner and some do not. To prevent delay, place the car seat with the gogo Kidz® attached on the scanner belt after removing your child. If the car seat does not fit, have the security person carry it over to where they can use the wand to scan it. This will allow you to hold your child while walking through security and set them back into their car seat once security has finished scanning the seat. In the event the gogo Kidz® will not fit through the x-ray machine with the car seat attached and security refuses to hand wand simply remove the wheels from the gogo Kidz® instead of removing the entire unit from your car seat. Once you have gone through security, easily click the wheels back on to the axle of the gogo Kidz® Travelmate.
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