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Assembled in our USA facility, order may take 1-2 business days to process due to assembly. Please account for this when you select shipping method

**These have cosmetic damage - some have more than others but all function and are safe

Open Box Double Wagon Stroller Deluxe


Our Open Box Double Wagon Strollers are BRAND NEW strollers that received cosmetic damage to the frame and handle during shipping that will not impact safety, performance or functionality. All of these wagons have multiple scratches on the frame and handle.

We have sweetened the pot to make up for the scratches - This item comes with 2 free umbrellas!

So, you get 1 wagon, 2 seats, & 2 umbrellas, extended push handle, + this version has a REMOVABLE PULL HANDLE!!!

The last stroller you ever need for your growing, active family!


The Go-Go Babyz® Wagon Stroller rolls out with the first wagon to hit the market with a custom telescoping push handle and rear braking system. Designed to meet the ASTM Stroller Safety Standards, the Double Wagon Stroller is the safest and most convenient wagon on the market with 2 custom seats with a 5-point safety harness. Need more space for your sports gear or groceries?  No problem!  The seats can be easily added or removed to convert this stroller back into a more traditional wagon.


Unlike standard wagons, utility wagons or folding carts, the Wagon Stroller features a wider foot print to accommodate your little ones to safely ride inside without the fear of tipping, a hands-free foot brake and the ability to simply fold down completely in order to fit in the trunk of your car or on the side of your garage for storage. With all these safety features the Go-Go Babyz® Wagon Stroller is a far cry from the red radio flyer wagon of yesterday and much more than a baby stroller.


Additionally, the Wagon Stroller can be pulled with its traditional wagon-style handle in front or pushed like a stroller with an extended rear telescoping handle. The large, all terrain wheels provide a smooth ride on a variety of surfaces and the extra storage pockets are perfect for all of your necessities. 

The Wagon Stroller is the perfect solution for sporting events, theme parks, picnics, trips to the farmers market, family walks (and yes, even your pets!)  This will be the last stroller you ever need for your growing, active family!


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