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Travelmate Deluxe Bundle


The Travelmate Deluxe Bundle comes with all the benefits and features as the Travelmate Deluxe with the addition of the Travelmate Handle Pouch & Storage Bag included in the box.

The Travelmate Deluxe is the perfect stroller solution for vacations, airport travel, public transportation, and quick errands. Thanks to its efficient design, smooth razor wheels, one handed push system and universal car seat compatibility, the Travelmate Deluxe reduces the need for a bulky stroller on short or long-distance voyages. Traveling through the airport with your heavy car seat will be a breeze - thanks to the light weight frame and smaller razor wheels.

With the addition of the Handle Pouch you have a convenient place to store boarding passes, cell phones, diapers, keys, and more. Additionally, the Travelmate Deluxe is a snap to store in an overhead compartment or neatly under your seat on the plane safe inside the included Travelmate Storage Bag. In fact, the Travelmate Deluxe is so compact and maneuverable you can pull it out from the back seat of your car and take it anywhere, restaurants, coffee shops, drug stores, doctor's office visits, taxis, trains and more. Car seat not included.


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