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Mini Travelmate Bundle


The Mini Travelmate Product Bundle comes with all the benefits and features as the Mini Travelmate with the addition of the Travelmate Handle Pouch & Storage Bag included in the box. The Mini Travelmate easily attaches to most toddler and convertible car seats quickly turning your car seat into an airport stroller.

The Mini Travelmate is a lightweight, compact, and fully assembled product. Its well-thought design provides added safety and stability with the widest wheel base available, increased leverage and balance with wheel placement, and easy attachment with the ratcheting buckle system. Now you can easily travel with your kids, car seats, and all their gear through the airport.

With the addition of the Handle Pouch you have a convenient place to store boarding passes, cell phones, diapers, keys, and more and the Storage Bags provides a convenient means to store your Mini Travelmate during travel or at home when not in use.


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