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Go-Go Babyz® is a family oriented company, dedicated to developing innovative, high quality products to make life easier when you and your baby are “on the go.” ®

As parents of young children we design each product for use with our own families, and all Go-Go Babyz® products are personally mom, dad and grandparent-tested.  After 8 years of growth and success we are proud to still be family owned and operated.

First and foremost at Go-Go Babyz® we strive to make unique, safe, high quality products that provide innovative travel solutions, and help resolve the difficulties faced by busy parents on the go.

However in addition to focusing on the safety and convenience of our products, we spend a great deal of our time and energy focusing on our customers.  We strongly believe that putting our customer service at the heart of our operation has brought us to where we are today. Our goal when we opened our doors in 2003 was to respond to and resolve any questions or concerns as quickly as possible. That still remains our goal today.

We cannot thank you enough for your continued support!

We are a company dedicated to growing with your children.  As the company owners have discovered first hand, when your children grow, so does your need for new and creative answers for travel. 

Whether you are traveling across the world or just to your local grocery store, Go-Go Babyz® looks forward to providing new and innovative travel solutions for you, this year and beyond.

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